Tailored Support and Efficient Resource Allocation

Myers-Holum Managed Services provides tailored support and efficient resource allocation to meet your NetSuite needs, ensuring streamlined operations and maximizing value for your business.

Many businesses need reliable assistance in managing day-to-day NetSuite operations, taking full advantage of new functionality and for specific projects. Myers-Holum Managed Services offers businesses the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of their NetSuite environments.
Our Managed Services are tailored to accommodate customers with varying intensity levels, providing the right level of support to meet specific requirements.

MHI Managed Services Team of Experts

Team of Experts

Our team of experienced professionals is here to help, whether you have low, medium or high intensity NetSuite needs. We provide services that ensure our customers have access to the expertise they need that align with their budgets.

Managed Services

Tailored Support

We cater to customers with varying intensity levels, providing the right level of assistance for their specific NetSuite requirements.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Standard Managed Services offers support for up to eight hours a week, allowing you to access the expertise you need without exceeding your budget.

Versatile Expertise

Our team of consultants and experts offer comprehensive support and exceptional results across a wide range of NetSuite tasks, including functional consulting, development, and integration expertise.

Cost Optimization

We maximize efficiency and value for our customers by optimizing resource allocation, avoiding unnecessary expenses of underutilized full-time resources.

Focused Team of Experts

Our team is skilled, adaptable, and committed to your success. Whether you need ongoing assistance or specialized attention for specific projects, we have the right resources to meet your requirements.

Streamlined NetSuite Operations

With Myers-Holum Managed Services, you experience the benefits of having a team fully aligned with your needs, streamlining your NetSuite operations and propelling your business forward.

Premium Managed Services

Flexible Support for Dynamic Business Needs

Our Premium Managed Services cater to customers with changing requirements and time-sensitive projects, providing flexibility and expertise. Our Premium option has no long-term commitment, allowing you to be onboard for any duration that suits your needs.

We understand situations where significant work needs to be completed quickly, such as during acquisitions, key administrator departures, or business launches. Our Premium Managed Services fill gaps, ensure smooth transitions, and offer rapid project completion.

With our Premium Managed Services, you gain access to dedicated professionals who can take charge during critical periods. They seamlessly integrate into your team, continuing ongoing projects and providing continuity.

Let Us Help

The Right Level of Support

Premium services are tailored for customers requiring higher intensity support, whether it's focused initiatives with tight deadlines or temporary staff backfilling. From urgent project completions to filling staffing gaps, we provide the right level of support precisely when you need it:

No Long-Term Commitment

Choose the duration that suits you best, whether it’s a month, two months, or a few weeks, without being locked into long-term contracts.

Rapid Project Completion

Get the resources you need to meet time-sensitive projects and critical deadlines promptly.

Seamless Transitions

When key personnel leave, our dedicated team step into manage workloads, provide continuity, and ensure smooth transitions.

Tailored to High-Intensity Needs

Our Premium offering caters specifically to clients with higher intensity projects and rapidly evolving situations.

Scalable Resource Allocation

Allocate resources from 20% up to 100% as required, ensuring the right level of support.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our services can be tailored to your unique requirements, with a focus on rapid deployment and adaptability to changing needs.

Team Augmentation

Myers-Holum offers ad hoc support without minimum requirements, meeting your NetSuite needs with expertise. Our services include optimization, stabilization projects, module activations, integration support, close management, and more. For those requiring committed resources or lacking in-house NetSuite skills, our Premium Managed Services provide staff augmentation.