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The performance of any SaaS company should be easy to measure, given only a dozen or so key KPI’s are normally required. However, as SaaS companies grow, aggregating the necessary information to calculate these KPIs can become complex, resulting in latent or inaccurate reporting. Join Myers-Holum as we demonstrate a SaaS metrics dashboard in NetSuite Analytics Warehouse. Myers-Holum explains how clients leverage NetSuite Analytics Warehouse to capture data from NetSuite ERP, their billing engine, and legacy transaction history to deploy a fully segmented and interactive SaaS metrics dashboard on Day 1 of their NetSuite go-live. Myers-Holum reviews KPIs related to MRR/ARR, CMGR, MRR Components, CAC, CAC Payback, LTV, and Retention.

Track SaaS metrics in one unified system to grow your business

SaaS Metrics on NSAW pre-built by Myers-Holum

Leverage real-time SaaS Metrics for monitoring operations, planning and strategic decision-making for your company. Many businesses today face the same data analytics challenges: historical data outside their ERP, inability to run historical point in time comparative analysis, inability to analyze all company data and external data, and a lack of robust data visualizations to tell their story. Myers-Holum customers benefit immediately from implementing SaaS metrics on NetSuite Analytics Warehouse resolving these difficult challenges.

SaaS Metrics dashboards pre-built by Myers-Holum are valuable to finance, accounting, sales and marketing, as well as executives and investors in SaaS and subscription businesses.

NSAW Machine Learning

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, a full-featured data warehouse and analytics platform, is an add-on to NetSuite. NSAW is capable of ingesting large volumes of data and running fast, complex reporting on meaningful KPIs. It incorporates other competitive features such as machine learning and forecasting tools. It leverages both Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse as well as the Oracle Analytics Cloud.

SaaS Metrics Key Performance Indicators

Using NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, Myers-Holum customers easily track SaaS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): growth, retention, sales efficiency, margins, capital efficiency and engagement that are available starting on day 1 of go-live. Myers-Holum can also provide additional metrics based on the customer's specific needs.

Access Real-time Data in NSAW

Access to real-time graphical views of Churn, MRR, ARR, Renewal, CAC, Payback, and other SaaS metrics enables instant, actionable insight for key stakeholders as well as knowledge sharing through easily-generated reports.

Saas Metrics on NSAW - Customer Acquisition

All your NetSuite data is pre-integrated and comes with NSAW out-of-the-box.

SaaS Metrics on NSAW - customer revenue

For companies using third-party tools, such as other billing systems and CRMs, Myers-Holum can connect them to NSAW so that the business gains a comprehensive view of all company data in one place.

SaaS Business Event

An award-winning leader in NetSuite, Boomi, Stripe and Google Cloud Platform solutions, the Myers-Holum team helps enterprises streamline operations, financials and business processes.

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Having participated extensively in the NSAW beta program, Myers-Holum provided feedback to the NSAW product team on analytic content. Myers-Holum has since successfully implemented NSAW for many clients and continues to deliver superior results. Myers-Holum has extensive expertise in the underlying Oracle Cloud technologies: ADW, OAC and Oracle Analytics for Applications.


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