Wholesale distribution companies manage complex inventory systems, fluctuating costs, and reconciling large volumes of transactions while maintaining accurate financial records. NetSuite, implemented by Myers-Holum, streamlines inventory management, order processing, supply chain, and financials. This enhances operational efficiency for sustained growth and provides visibility across systems, enabling better decision-making.

NetSuite 2024 Wholesale Distribution Partner of the YearNetSuite 2023 Wholesale Distribution Partner of the Year


Financial and operational performance data available in one unified system like NetSuite empowers companies to make informed decisions. Myers-Holum specializes in implementing, customizing and optimizing NetSuite. We integrate each client’s multiple business systems into one unified system for our wholesale distribution clients. Automation reduces manual data entry, minimizing errors and expediting time to value. Myers-Holum also assists clients in maintaining compliance with accounting standards and establishing audit trails, offering comprehensive financial and operational control.

Inventory Management

Myers-Holum is dedicated to helping clients optimize their wholesale distribution operations through NetSuite. We achieve this by:

  • Implementing NetSuite to centrally manage inventory, regardless of multiple selling channels or locations, ensuring a holistic view of stock levels.
  • Historical data, sales forecasts, and seasonality factors are incorporated into NetSuite demand-based planning to optimize inventory levels and reduce stockouts.
  • With 360-degree visibility into inventory using NetSuite, our clients see greater profitability through better inventory management.
  • Reduced shipping costs through better planned replenishment.

Our wholesale distribution clients experience increased revenue when they quickly identify and act on slow moving or obsolete inventory, reducing discounts and write-offs while simultaneously meeting customer expectations for inventory.

Wholesale Distribution Implementation

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Myers-Holum integrates NetSuite ERP with your warehouse and fulfillment system for comprehensive visibility into your order fulfillment processes. Our clients see reduced cycle times and shipping expenses so that they can make timely deliveries at a reduced cost. On-time delivery fosters brand loyalty and higher customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Wholesale Distribution

Our clients see a wide range of benefits from transitioning to NetSuite, customized and optimized for each business by Myers-Holum. Together, NetSuite and Myers-Holum help clients achieve significant improvements in operations and overall business performance. The benefits include:

Streamlined Business Processes
NetSuite provides wholesale distribution companies a unified system that integrates seamlessly with their digital products to track their entire sales funnel from lead generation to order fulfillment. This alignment between sales and procurement teams results in better demand identification and improved order processing.

Enhanced Visibility
Real-time visibility into warehouses across North America and the world is one of the most important benefits. NetSuite enables precise tracking, from the point of purchase order to multi-location/multi-level quality assurance processes, reducing guesswork and reliance on manual communication methods.

Faster Order Processing
Reduced cycle times in operations eliminate time delays, support rapid decision-making and higher volumes of order processing within any given timeframe.

Customizations & Configurations
Myers-Holum customizes and configures NetSuite ERP so that it meets specific needs of our clients that are scalable and support growth and expansion.

Myer-Holum Sourceability with NetSuite

Discover how the Global Distributor Sourceability manages 1Billion+ electronic components with NetSuite implemented by Myers-Holum

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