Software & Tech Firms Adopting Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP provides the foundation for sustained growth of today’s successful software and technology firms. Leveraging NetSuite and other state-of-the-art technologies, Myers-Holum guides software and technology companies through every stage of implementation, systems integration and data migration. From initial startup through IPO and beyond, cloud ERP facilitates scalability, process optimization, and financial stability.

An award-winning NetSuite and Stripe Partner, Myers-Holum helps companies to manage orders, streamline billing, recognize revenue, and consolidate financials by ensuring:

  • Best-in-industry NetSuite implementations with in-depth industry expertise.
  • Efficient localization for local markets using best practices and proven tactics.
  • Business system integrations and customizations.
  • Structured migration of critical legacy data into NetSuite, maximizing productivity.
  • Onsite and remote support and troubleshooting.
  • Structured self-guided and train-the-trainer programs to build internal expertise with NetSuite.
  • Managed Services for ongoing needs, new capabilities and rollouts.

Manage Orders

Using intelligent workflows, automate your approval process, pricing, and discount management.

Streamline Billing

Automate billing across revenue streams for product, subscriptions and services as well as integrating billing with company financials.

Optimize Revenue Recognition

Automate revenue recognition, financials reporting and comply with standards such as percentage-of-completion accounting (ASC 605-35) and revenue arrangements with multiple elements (ASC 605-25).

Consolidate Financials for International Expansion

Leverage multi-currency management tools for enhanced reporting accuracy both locally and internationally.

Software & Technology Use Cases

Accelerating Growth with Integrated Financial Solutions

For software and tech companies experiencing rapid growth and seeking investor support to fuel global expansion, manually consolidating financial information from multiple countries can be a time-consuming and error-prone challenge. This process often involves the manual compilation of data from various systems, leading to inefficiencies and delays in presenting critical financial information to investors.

Embracing integrated software solutions like NetSuite implemented by Myers-Holum can significantly streamline financial data consolidation for software and tech companies. These solutions not only automate the process but also enable efficient data compilation from international business units. By eliminating the need for manual spreadsheet creation and month-end closes, companies can save time and present financial information more rapidly, making them well-prepared to secure investor support for continued growth and expansion.

Myers-Holum Software & Technology Industry solutions

Streamlining M&A Transitions for Software and Tech Companies

Software and tech companies often face the challenge of meeting M&A deadlines while needing to transition from legacy systems. Efficient operations, scalability, and managing complex revenue recognition processes for diverse product and/or service lines become even more problematic following an M&A.

Leveraging NetSuite implemented by Myers-Holum offers software and tech companies key advantages:

Future-proof platform that provides a unified system with one source of truth and more capabilities than legacy systems.

Rapid phased implementation so that companies can meet M&A deadlines and ensure a swift transition to new financial systems.

Immediate efficiencies through robust functionality and automation that streamline operations while allowing businesses to easily scale.

Complex revenue recognition through NetSuite accommodates many product lines and provides insights for product evolution in highly competitive tech industries.

Myers-Holum Saas industry solutions

ERP for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies are embracing subscription-based models and cloud applications, but continue to deal with complex billing, manual processes, and disparate legacy systems. Myers-Holum assists companies in transitioning to NetSuite, integrating their cloud ERP with other business systems, and centralizing data for future growth, including IPOs and investor engagement.

ERP for Enterprise SaaS

In the ever-changing global business environment, enterprise SaaS companies require agility, speed, and flexibility to seize opportunities and effectively tackle challenges. Cloud-based Financials/ERP and Omnichannel commerce solutions, such as NetSuite implemented by Myers-Holum, provide a tailored solution for the unique needs of enterprise SaaS. Key advantages include a unified system for rapid response to emerging opportunities, seamless integration during mergers and acquisitions, and global adaptability that empowers enterprises to thrive across industries and geographic locations in today’s evolving economy.

MHI Enterprise Saas Industry Solutions