We deliver solutions that enable our clients to expand into new markets, develop new products and services, and experience high growth. Leveraging the latest technology capabilities and features, we help clients tackle their most challenging projects to support their ever-evolving business needs and priorities.

Oracle NetSuite

As the largest NetSuite Alliance Partner, Myers-Holum specializes in delivering comprehensive, high-performance NetSuite implementations across industries.
Our NetSuite consulting services encompass:

Program Management ensuring the successful execution of NetSuite projects from initiation to completion.

Data Integration & Migration from across your business systems ensuring a smooth transition to NetSuite.

Reporting with Customized Graphical Dashboards for valuable insights into business operations.

Salesforce Automation and Lead to Order to optimize sales processes, enhancing lead-to-order workflows, and driving sales force automation.

Procure to Pay, including EDI and Supply Chain Design streamlining procurements processes, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and delivering supply chain solutions.

Order to Cash tailored order-to-cash processes leveraging advanced revenue management features.

Web to Order, implementing SuiteCommerce for dynamic web-to-order solutions for a seamless online shopping experience.

Data Configuration, including iPaaS, EDI, and SuiteTalk integrations to ensure optimal system performance.

With a focus on industry-leading companies, Myers-Holum Inc. empowers businesses to maximize the potential of their NetSuite ERP systems

Stripe RFA

Stripe Revenue & Finance Automation

Leveraging Stripe Revenue and Finance Automation, Myers-Holum helps client optimize their financial operations, create new marketplaces online, and ensure a seamless payment experience.

Stripe Revenue & Finance Automation Platform. Leverage Myers-Holum expert services to enhance various financial processes, including billing, revenue management, cash reconciliation, and reporting.

Stripe Payments. Customize your checkout process and efficiently manage online payments and payouts with tailored solutions provided by Myers-Holum.

Stripe Billing. Seamlessly handle custom subscriptions, whether ad hoc or recurring, and integrate them into your business systems with expert assistance from Myers-Holum.

Bl & Analytics

Myers-Holum implements NetSuite Analytics Warehouse to provide our clients with comprehensive business intelligence and analytics solutions. This includes:

Unified System. We seamlessly bring together data from all your sources, including NetSuite and other business systems, allowing you to identify patterns and insights from across your business to drive growth.

Insights via Custom Dashboards. Our solution is highly customizable to evolving client needs, supporting the creation of tailored dashboards and providing deeper insights across all channels.

Data Integration. We ensure that all NetSuite ERP data and data from third-party applications are integrated into a single logical view, enabling deep analytical insights across the entire organization’s data landscape through KPIs, dashboards, reports, and interactive visualizations.

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MHI Technology Roadmapping

Technology Roadmapping

We help our clients assess the current state and create a technology roadmap for implementing a cloud ERP, making the necessary system integrations and data migration to facilitate a successful digital transformation.

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Data Management & Integration

Our Master Data Management (MDM) Practice is highly experienced and respected within the industry, with MDM Architects possessing over 12 years of experience guiding clients through Data Governance and MDM application solutions. Our practice team possesses a wealth of expertise spanning strategy, application, data, and technical architecture. Our areas of specialization encompass include MDM architecture, data governance program definition, data quality, actuarial reporting, strategic planning, implementation estimation, industry maturity assessments, and multi-domain hub implementations.

Myers-Holum EDW


Myers-Holum optimizes data warehouses through versatile cloud platforms, including IaaS and DBaaS, with a focus on large-scale implementations. We provide guidance on the nuances of cloud offerings, emphasizing elastic scalability and pricing models, addressing performance, cost, reliability, and security aspects when integrating cloud platforms into data warehouse strategies.

We specialize in migrating substantial data warehouses from platforms like Teradata, Exadata, or Vertica to cloud environments, leveraging the benefits of elastic scalability, streamlined data ingestion, and compatibility with advanced cloud-based analytics. We employ a model-based approach and metadata-driven tools for efficient migrations, ensuring optimal performance and data governance while offering an overall approach for Teradata to Google BigQuery migrations.

Managed Services

Myers-Holum Managed Services delivers tailored support to meet your NetSuite needs, streamlining operations and maximizing value. Whether you require Standard or Premium Managed Services, our team of experts ensures efficiency and expertise aligned with your specific requirements.

Standard Managed Services

Myers-Holum’s Standard Managed Services offers reliable assistance for day-to-day NetSuite operations and specific projects. We accommodate customers with varying intensity levels, optimizing resource allocation, and providing efficient support for up to eight hours a week. Our versatile team of experts ensures cost-effective solutions, streamlined operations, and exceptional results.

Premium Managed Services

Our Premium Managed Services cater to customers with dynamic requirements and time-sensitive projects, offering flexibility without long-term commitments. We excel in situations where rapid project completion or staffing gaps are critical. With Premium services, you gain access to dedicated professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team, ensuring continuity, smooth transitions, and the right level of support, precisely when you need it.

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NSAW Accounting Classification Engine

Accounting Class Engine

The Myers-Holum Accounting Classification Engine (ACE) is the fastest and easiest way for companies using NetSuite to control high volumes of transactions and accounting events. Powered entirely by NetSuite, ACE enables accounting teams to source, summarize, and map large volumes of complex data into easily auditable GL entries and operational transactions within NetSuite ERP.