Food farmers and wholesalers operate in an industry that’s become highly complex where both mom-and-pop shops and large conglomerates rely on technology to run their businesses. Many still rely on applications that include dated legacy systems or homegrown solutions that require spreadsheets, email and manual work to share information. A unified cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform like NetSuite paired with industry-specific capabilities can help companies eliminate manual processes while improving their efficiency and productivity.

Improving Wholesale Food Distribution

Knowing that food growers, processors and distributors face unique business management challenges, Myers-Holum developed its Grower Management Solution using custom records, scripts and fields within NetSuite. By combining the leading cloud ERP with industry-specific functionality, Myers-Holum helps customers manage their entire food production and distribution ecosystem.

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“Once our customers start using NetSuite with our Grower Management Solution and they see the value in automating the whole work order, build and production process, there’s always an ‘aha’ moment that happens. At that point, they know exactly why they invested in ERP: to be able to plan and produce and see everything all in one place.”

Antonio Posella, Netsuite ERP Products Vertical Lead & Manager, Myers-Holum

Myers-Holum Grower Management Solution for Agriculture

The Myers-Holum Grower Management solution provides key functionality for agriculture companies to track:

  • Grower Dashboard
  • Farm/block Level OpEx Tracking
  • Harvest Tracking
  • Crop Estimate/yield management
  • Field to fork lot traceability
MHI Agriculture Food Growers Industry
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How The Teff Company Leverages NetSuite for Agriculture in their Growth Strategy

Agriculture businesses that thrive in local and global markets look to innovate with an agile, scalable technology platform. With fertile fields and ecologically-sensitive farming methods, The Teff Company produces some of the best quality teff in Idaho and has served Ethiopian and Eritrean communities for over thirty years.

Join us as we sit down with The Teff Company for a fireside chat and demo to discover how they leverage NetSuite, with implementation consulting services from Myers-Holum. The discussion ranges from topics on why NetSuite to how to manage back-end operations from accounting to sales to inventory management and includes a LIVE demo!

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