Cloud Services

Cloud platforms, from IaaS and DBaaS to petabyte-scale cloud warehousing services such as Google BigQuery provide an ever-growing set of options for optimizing the host environment for data warehouses of any architecture and size. The management of infrastructure, elastic scalability and pricing models of cloud offerings can make these options compelling, especially for warehouses of particularly large scale. Myers-Holum can assist with navigating considerations of performance, cost, reliability and security for including cloud platforms in your mix for data warehouse deployments.

Migration of Data Warehouses to the Cloud

Migration of very large data warehouses from platforms such as Teradata, Exadata or Vertica to cloud platforms offers significant potential advantages:

  • The elastic scalability of the cloud infrastructure eases cost/performance tradeoffs
  • Data ingestion patterns can be simplified
  • Integration with sophisticated cloud-based analytical toolsets is readily supported

MHI uses a model-based approach and metadata-wise tools to efficiently migrate data warehouse components from traditional to cloud platforms, translating schemas and ingestion and consumption processes for optimal performance in the new architecture. We maintain high standards for metadata integrity and governance, data lineage, and code discipline.

Teradata Migration to Google BigQuery

Read more here about Myers-Holum overall approach for Teradata migration to Google BigQuery and explore detailed blog series here on the subject.

How Can Myers-Holum Help?


We can evaluate where it makes sense to include cloud platforms in your DW environment, and assess the complexity of making the migration.


We work with your expert staff to create a business, financial, architectural and technical roadmap to migrating DW to the cloud.


We carry out the migration following a carefully-planned, staged implementation strategy, delivering real business benefit at each stage.

For more details see our blog post here!