Oracle NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

What is NetSuite Analytics Data Warehouse?

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is the only out-of-the-box data warehouse and analytics platform prebuilt for Oracle NetSuite ERP. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse brings together multiple sources of data, including NetSuite data and other business systems data, to identify patterns and insights that drive growth. It leverages both the machine learning-powered analytical tool Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), which automatically tunes, scales and patches itself.

Myers-Holum has implemented NetSuite Analytics Warehouse for many clients like Thread, highlighted in this video, who consider it important to their business. As the COO of Thread, Mitch Sanders has identified five ways that NetSuite Analytics Warehouse has helped their business. First, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse provides reliable data feeds, which was a problem with their previous data analytics solution. Second, it's easy for employees to use and understand, making it accessible for different teams. Third, it creates accountability and fosters a culture of using data across the organization. Fourth, it's customizable for their changing needs, and sales uses customized dashboards. Last, it creates deeper insights across all channels, highlighting deficiencies and enabling them to create plans to improve. The data from NetSuite Analytics Warehouse helps them to stay informed.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse provides access to all NetSuite ERP data that Myers-Holum integrates with our customers' third-party applications like Salesforce, Shopify and other custom content so that it is a single logical view with a common analytics interface - Oracle Analytics Cloud. This supports deep analytical insights across all our customers' business applications and data, in the form of KPIs, dashboards, published reports and interactive data visualizations.



Rapid deployment of NSAW for business insights

Rapid deployment for immediate business intelligence

Realize quicker time to value with NSAW’s data pipeline feeding into pre-built data objects. Review historical and current data with ease.

NSAW Insights on Dashboard

Complete view of your company performance

Collect and analyze all your data from multiple sources to improve decision making and align teams across the organization.

Personalized NSAW dashboard insights

Personalized insights via your dashboards

Access the data you need based on role-based views, KPIs and visualizations. Easily organize insights with decks and dashboards.

NSAW insights provide improved analytics

Significantly improved analytical performance

Get fast and accurate answers to your business questions by analyzing comprehensive datasets at greater speed leveraging NSAW.


Myers-Holum Accounting Classification Engine (ACE)

The accounting solution for high-volume NetSuite implementations

The Myers-Holum Accounting Classification Engine (ACE) is the fastest and easiest way for companies using NetSuite to control high volumes of transactions and accounting events. Powered entirely by NetSuite, ACE enables accounting teams to source, summarize, and map large volumes of complex data into easily auditable GL entries and operational transactions within NetSuite ERP.

SaaS KPIs, Myers-Holum NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Track SaaS Metrics Using NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Maximize business growth with unified SaaS Metrics and real-time analytics

Harness SaaS Metrics to oversee operations, plan effectively, and make better decisions for your organization. Many businesses today encounter common obstacles in data analytics, such as historical data located outside their ERP, the inability to conduct comparative analysis based on historical data points, the inability to analyze all company and external data comprehensively, and a lack of powerful data visualizations to convey their narrative. By implementing SaaS metrics on NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, Myers-Holum customers rapidly overcome these daunting challenges and see immediate benefits.

MHI working for your ERP success

An award-winning leader in NetSuite, the Myers-Holum team helps enterprises streamline operations, financials and business processes.

How is NetSuite Analytics Warehouse implemented?

As the NetSuite Alliance Partner of the Year for North America and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Spotlight Award winner, Myers-Holum can implement NetSuite Analytics Warehouse as part of your ERP product suite. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse offers the full set of capabilities of the Oracle Analytics Cloud with its robust features. This includes logical data modeling, joining data together from multiple sources and creating shareable ERP intelligence. NetSuite data is loaded and updated through a prebuilt data pipeline, making implementation a straightforward process. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse updates daily from NetSuite, and on a configurable schedule from other sources, to provide the 360-degree view of your enterprise and customers’ engagement with your business.


How do you get NetSuite Analytics Warehouse?

Contact us to learn more about how your enterprise can leverage NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and its unprecedented data access–connecting the dots across your organization.