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NetSuite ERP Implementation with MHI

Energy companies are modernizing their infrastructure, investing in new energy sources and adopting new revenue streams to meet consumer expectations, increased regulatory pressures and more frequent, extreme-crisis events. Digital transformation plays a key role in keeping the competitive advantage, maintaining successful risk management practices and harnessing the power of advanced analytics. Myers-Holum Inc. (MHI) helps energy and utility companies optimize their operations with the #1 cloud ERP. A fully unified, interconnected business management suite allows energy companies to breakdown department silos, ensure data accessibility enterprise-wide and facilitate sustained growth. MHI implements NetSuite solutions for improved efficiencies across operational business units, better customer experience and accurate, timely analytics.

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Asset Management with NetSuite - MHI Technology Solutions

Asset Management: Accurate Tracking & Management

Accurately track and manage assets for power plants, energy grid maintenance and networks with the NetSuite platform customized by MHI. Gain a comprehensive view, make data-driven decisions on resource allocation, improve efficiency and ensure profitability with a reliable, secure ERP.

ERP data integrated with GIS for energy

Data Availability: Access to Reliable Data

Integrate all your systems on a single cloud platform using NetSuite to track orders, usage of materials, building and maintenance. MHI helps you customize reporting so that you have easy access to rollups of key data and can easily drill-down for more detailed analysis.

Outage Management with modern ERP

Outage Management: Accelerated Time to Act

Leverage a single solution that connects assets, geodata and trouble tickets to manage outages and other issues much faster using NetSuite implemented and customized by MHI.

CRM, ERP Integration by MHI

Customer Relationship Management

Better manage the customer experience with a 360-view of all customers, tracking activities from intake to closure. Identify customer segments for highly-focused information distribution campaigns as well as upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

Forecasting & budgeting ERP MHI

Advanced Analytics: Integrated Forecasting & Budgeting

Generate custom reports that integrate data from across the enterprise. Create what-if scenarios based on actuals and projections. Establish and refine forecasts based on variance analysis between actual and projected results.


An award-winning leader in NetSuite, the Myers-Holum team helps the energy industry streamline operations, financials and business processes.


In-depth NetSuite expertise, industry experience and four decades implementing successful technology solutions

MHI attracts top talent because we offer the opportunity to work for the best companies implementing the latest technologies.

Today, MHI has successfully completed over 1,000 projects for companies ranging in size from the Fortune 500 to mid-market companies.

The MHI team assists companies in the implementation of the #1 cloud ERP, a unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and other integrations. Working locally, Myers-Holum is recognized as a leading NetSuite Alliance Partner.

We are experienced consultants delivering seamless end-to-end technology implementations, integrations, customizations and ongoing managed services for our customers.