Oracle NetSuite Awards

Oracle NetSuite honors the partner community who have been important to NetSuite’s success. Myers-Holum has played an important role in providing the right team and resources to ensure successful NetSuite implementations for their clients – enhancing the NetSuite community. With a partnership with NetSuite for over 12 years, Myers-Holum has won Alliance Partner of the Year in 2023, 2022, and 2021, and spotlight awards across verticals year over year.

Who We Are

The Myers-Holum Inc. or MHI team of over 425 consultants and developers deliver technology solutions in markets around the world. Working locally — embedding our team with our customers’ teams — and remotely, Myers-Holum achieves tremendous success with enterprise-wide cloud ERP projects, powering intelligent business processes using best-in-class technologies.

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Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year Awards
NetSuite Alliance Partner of the Year 2023 Myers-Holum
NetSuite Partner of the Year Award 2020
NetSuite Partner of the Year Award 2019
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Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards
Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner Winner 2024 - Myers-Holum
NetSuite 2024 NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Partner of the Year
NetSuite 2024 Automotive Partner of the Year
NetSuite 2024 Software and Technology Partner of the Year
NetSuite 2024 Wholesale Distribution Partner of the Year
Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner
NetSuite 2023 Wholesale Distribution Partner of the Year
Oracle NetSuite Agriculture Spotlight Award
NetSuite 2022 Wholesale Distribution Partner of the Year
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Myers-Holum Recognized as Partner of the Year for North America by the Stripe Partner Ecosystem

New York, NY (April 20, 2023) – Myers-Holum, a leading provider of enterprise systems and financial infrastructure consulting services, was named the 2022 Partner of the Year for North America by the Stripe Partner Ecosystem. The award recognizes Myers-Holum’s expertise in bringing Stripe to clients’ existing business systems.

2022 Stripe Partner of the Year award

Stripe enables businesses to accept payments, grow their revenue, and accelerate new business opportunities.

“We are honored to receive this award,” said Sadie Perrotta, Vice President of Sales at Myers-Holum. “Our partnership with Stripe enables us to deliver best-in-class payment solutions to our clients that accelerate their online transactions and ensure the customer payment experience is easy and straightforward.”

A fundamental shift in how high-growth businesses handle revenue operations over the past few years has occurred, according to Perrotta. Instead of treating revenue management as simply a back-office process, businesses have begun to leverage payment processes in novel ways. As a result, companies’ goals and expectations for payment solutions have also changed. Payment solutions must increase revenue, springboard from customer loyalty, reduce involuntary churn, and facilitate testing new product pricing as well as venturing into new markets.

“By leveraging Stripe with our expertise in ERP and other systems, businesses are really able to streamline their payment infrastructure in ways that just weren’t possible before,” explained Darius Kemeklis, CTO at Myers-Holum. “This unified approach to revenue allows companies to exponentially grow new and recurring revenue.”

Myers-Holum and Stripe enable clients to accelerate their online revenue and streamline billing, payments, and subscriptions. In addition to customized integrations with ERP and CRM systems, Myers-Holum’s services also include advisory and tactical support to ensure clients optimally implement their Stripe products.

“Partnering with Myers-Holum is enabling more businesses on Stripe to grow their online revenue and streamline revenue operations,” said Matt Miller, GTM partnerships lead at Stripe.

Boomi Honors Myers-Holum in 2020 Partner Summit Awards

Boomi names Myers-Holum North America Growth Partner of the Year for 2020. These awards recognize partners who, especially during challenging times, provide outstanding integrated experiences and accelerate outcomes to their customers.

“It’s truly an honor to recognize our loyal global partners and the incredible work they are doing on behalf of our mutual customers. Our partner ecosystem helps customers optimize every critical business process to unlock the power of integrated experiences and realize new solutions that address today’s ever-changing business needs,” said David Tavolaro, Vice President of Global Business Development at Boomi. “Our partners are Boomi’s force multiplier. With their help, we are significantly increasing our global footprint and providing innovative customer experiences.”

Boomi Partner of the Year 2020
Celigo Platinum Partner Myers-Holum

Celigo Platinum Partner

Myers-Holum is a consulting and implementation partner that has achieved the highest level of partnership with Celigo as a Platinum Partner. This recognition is awarded to partners who have demonstrated exceptional expertise in implementing and supporting Celigo’s integration solutions, have a strong track record of successful customer implementations, and have made significant investments in training and certification.

Myers-Holum, as a Platinum Partner of Celigo, offers comprehensive and complete iPaaS solutions that help seamlessly connect your applications, streamline processes, and improve efficiency.