As NetSuite’s largest alliance partner, Myers-Holum serves a diverse clientele from startups to large corporations across industries in North America with a growing global reach. We take pride in our enduring partnership of over 12 years. Winning Alliance Partner of the Year in 2023, 2022 and 2021 as well as many spotlight awards across industry verticals.

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NetSuite Implementation & Optimization

Our tailored services get your business live on NetSuite using leading practices. Whether you’re starting fresh or rescuing a project, our expert team ensures seamless transitions. Beyond implementation, our Optimization Services fine-tune NetSuite to align with your evolving business goals, benefiting CFOs, Controllers, Boards, Leadership teams, and PE Firms.

We offer a variety of implementation and optimization consulting services to clients across industries.

NetSuite Implementation and Optimization

NetSuite Customization & System Integration

We customize NetSuite to fit our clients’ specific business requirements, drawing upon our deep industry knowledge. Our team of certified NetSuite consultants and developers bring top-tier technical expertise to your operations. With our wealth of experience, we’re well-equipped to automate your business processes and empower innovation. We specialize in crafting custom solutions that are not only scalable and high-performing but also built to last. Leveraging the top integration platforms, we help our clients transition to a unified system, streamlining operations, and optimizing efficiency.

NetSuite Planning & Budgeting

We implement NSPB solutions for integrated planning, forecasting, and business modeling. Leveraging NSPB, we help you enhance your forecast accuracy, budget management, and future modeling capabilities, enabling data-driven decision-making within your organization:

Comprehensive Visibility. Gain a bird’s eye view of your operations through an intuitive dashboard and seamlessly drill down into the necessary details using forms and reports.

Expense Management. Effectively manage existing expenses and employee compensation, while also having the ability to model future headcount and related costs across your dynamic organization.

Capital Expense Planning. Prioritize, manage, and plan capital expenses for new investments, all while keeping a close eye on your current assets.

Financial Impact Assessment. Easily assess the financial impact of existing assets by adjusting assumptions regarding staff changes, transfers, promotions, as well as expenses for improvements, insurance, repairs, and taxes.

Resource Alignment. Bridge the gap between detailed projects and their effects on your enterprise resources, ensuring you always have a snapshot of the overall impact on your organization.

Data Insights and Analytics with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Unlock the power of data with our Analytics and BI solutions. Properly customizing NetSuite Analytics Warehouse enhances decision-making. Gain insights, automate data collection, and empower Finance Leadership and IT Leadership to make informed choices swiftly.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse
MHI Managed Services

Managed Services

Myers-Holum Managed Services provides tailored support and efficient resource allocation to meet your NetSuite needs, ensuring streamlined operations and maximizing value for your business.

Many businesses need reliable assistance in managing day-to-day NetSuite operations, taking full advantage of new functionality and for specific projects. Myers-Holum Managed Services offers businesses the opportunity to maximize the efficiency of their NetSuite environments.