Helping Food Banks Achieve their Mission

Myers-Holum NetSuite for Food Banking allows Food Banks, Agencies, and other food and supplies relief organizations to take advantage of the power of NetSuite ERP.  We offer a full suite of features and functionalities. From food acquisition to automated distribution reporting, Myers-Holum allows Food Banks to achieve increased capacity, faster turns, accessible agency ordering, reduced waste and deeper insights so that those in-need are accessing fresher food in greater quantities.    

Download the full presentation. Myers-Holum NetSuite for Food Banking

Developed for Greater Boston Food Bank, now available to all Feeding America Food Banks.

Our core motivation for building a Food Bank offering with NetSuite is to prepare Food Banks and similar organizations for a future of growing demand and diminishing supply. The Food Banks we work with have growing distribution goals, aim to expand their foot print, and strive to offer choice to their member Agencies.

Core Focus Areas:

Online Ordering: Agencies and their volunteers can take advantage of a full featured, mobile optimized ordering portal.

Food Planning: Because Order Management and Procurement are part of the same system, Food Banks can allocated inventory Agencies before it even arrives to your warehouse.

Agency Restrictions: Within order Management, easily configure Restrictions and maximum quantities to ensure compliance and balanced distribution across all Agencies.

Food Acquisition: Built-in processes for VAP, direct delivery, and other key programs simplify order entry and receiving for both Donated and Purchased food.

Fulfillment: Track distribution and fulfillment data in real-time from multiple locations.  Capture electronic signatures from your agencies to easily facilitate compliance while reducing paper processes.

Automated Reporting: Food Banks can save dozens of hours of time spent manually creating required reporting with pre-built reports for any Federal, State, or Local Program.