BARK Unleashes its Potential with NetSuite

Bark Unleashes Potential with NetSuite and MHI

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Find out how BARK expands its business operations and increases efficiency by closing its books 50 percent faster using NetSuite implemented by Myers-Holum.

June 1, 2022, NY, NY - BARK, the world’s most dog-centric company devoted to making all dogs happy, is using Oracle NetSuite to support its commitment to create the world's best products and experiences to satisfy each dog's distinct personality and preferences. With NetSuite, BARK has been able to take advantage of an integrated business platform to streamline financial and inventory management as it has expanded its product offerings, scaled operations, and successfully navigated becoming a publicly traded company.

Founded in 2012 as a monthly subscription service for dog treats and toys, BARK has grown to become a leading pet brand, servicing over 6.5 million dogs in the United States. As BARK expanded its products, services, and distribution channels, its existing system based on manual processes was creating inefficiencies. It could not deliver the automation or insights required, and it didn’t have the inventory management system needed to effectively manage BARK’s complex inventory processes and track movements across its warehouses and third-party logistics. To address these needs and establish a platform to support its future growth, BARK replaced its existing system with NetSuite.

“Our company has always had big ambitions, and when the pandemic hit, customer demand for our services skyrocketed,” said Howard Yeaton, CFO of BARK. “NetSuite’s integrated platform has allowed us to make data-driven decisions as we expand our product offerings and has also helped meet the increasing demand of our subscription and ecommerce channels. We also gained the financial reporting capabilities needed to meet our obligations as a public company, which would have been impossible on our previous system.”

With NetSuite, BARK has been able to unify financials, order management, purchasing, warehouse management, and inventory management on a single cloud system. NetSuite has helped BARK optimize financial processes by providing real-time reporting and forecasting capabilities as well as a powerful valuation and audit process that helps BARK meet the reporting requirements of a publicly traded company. NetSuite also helped BARK gain complete visibility into its sales pipeline, cash flow, and actual spend, and enabled BARK to close its books 50 percent faster, giving investors’ further confidence in its financial health. BARK has also worked with developers from Myers-Holum, a NetSuite Alliance partner, on various projects.

In addition, NetSuite helps BARK manage its biggest and most complex processes, manufacturing and inventory management, which includes inbound orders, purchasing, fulfillment, packing, and shipping. Its BARKShop ecommerce platform runs exclusively on NetSuite, and all Amazon sales and inventory data is integrated within NetSuite. Finally, NetSuite supports the newly launched BARK Eats, a dog food subscription business, that runs its inventory, ecommerce, financials, sales, and manufacturing operations through NetSuite.

“BARK’s outstanding customer experience has helped it expand its business from a subscription toy box for dogs, to a publicly traded omnichannel retailer,” said David Rodman, SVP of Customer Success, Oracle NetSuite. “With NetSuite, BARK has one unified cloud system to manage its entire business and can take advantage of the insights from across its operations to launch new ventures to make dogs and humans happier.”

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About BARK

BARK is the world’s most dog-centric company, devoted to making dogs happy with the best products, services and content. BARK’s dog-obsessed team applies its unique, data-driven understanding of what makes each dog special to design playstyle-specific toys, wildly satisfying treats, personalized meal plans and supplements, and dog-first experiences that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere. Founded in 2012, BARK loyally serves dogs nationwide with themed toys and treats subscriptions, BarkBox and BARK Super Chewer; custom product collections through its retail partner network, including Target and Amazon; its high-quality, personalized nutrition and meal plans with BARK Eats; and health and wellness products that meet dogs’ needs with BARK Bright®. At BARK, we want to make dogs as happy as they make us because dogs and humans are better together. Sniff around at for more information.

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