MFGx and Myers-Holum partner

Myers-Holum and MFGx Partner to Transform ERP for Manufacturing

Myers-Holum and MFGx partner to transform Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for manufacturing, providing real-time data integration and enhanced production efficiency.

NY, NY - Myers-Holum, which has grown exponentially over the past three years and was awarded the NetSuite Alliance Partner of the Year for North America in 2021 and 2022 for products, announced today its partnership with MFGx. A Michigan-based software integration and development company, MFGx offers the Fuuz manufacturing platform for businesses to connect their people, software, hardware, databases, and processes to optimize and expand their manufacturing operations.

“Our partnership with Myers-Holum is a natural fit since we share their commitment in ensuring clients’ success and getting them to the finish line,” said Craig Scott, CEO and Founder of MFGx. “Their 375+ team of NetSuite experts can identify where Fuuz fits. Fuuz takes manufacturers the last mile by providing unique solutions that complement their ERP. Together, we simplify the automation process for manufacturers.”

Today, manufacturers are looking to eliminate paper-based systems, improve inventory tracking and traceability, establish product genealogy for recalls and warranty tracking, and enhance production efficiency and utilization amid labor and supply chain shortages. Fuuz is designed to address these challenges. The partnership between Myers-Holum and MFGx elevates manufacturing ERP to a new level, offering seamless real-time data integration, improved production efficiency, tight control of the shop floor, and reduced need for multiple software products.

“We're pleased to be partnering with MFGx to address the complex needs of manufacturers and are confident our partnership will yield exceptional results," said Owen Collins, VP of Sales at Myers-Holum. “Using Fuuz, manufacturers easily keep track of their inventory, product genealogy, and production efficiency, even in the face of labor and supply chain challenges. Also, Fuuz helps manufacturers attract tech-savvy talent in a culture where the workforce is accustomed to using modern technology.”

“One of the biggest benefits we’ve heard from our customers is that Fuuz reduces complexity by replacing as many as 18 disparate software products with a single cloud platform,” said John Oehlers, Director of Sales at MFGx. “Integration with NetSuite ERP and a single platform, single database, and a common user interface makes it much easier for the customer to deploy, use, and maintain.”

Fuuz has several capabilities that set it apart from competitors:

  • MES platform. With Fuuz, the MES platform can connect directly with industrial equipment, scales, CNC machines, stamping presses, and injection molders while tailoring the user experience on the shop floor. This is native to the platform, unlike other MES solutions that require additional bolt-on products.
  • Warehouse management. The warehouse management capability on top of the MES piece is a differentiator with an unlimited user license model, which is especially useful for larger manufacturing companies where most of the workforce is in the shop.
  • Capability for unique requirements. Fuuz has capabilities to address unique requirements for many manufacturing processes, including repetitive, discrete, and job shop industries such as automotive, industrial, food and beverage, rubber and plastics, electronics and much more.

“The popularity of the Fuuz platform and apps is growing as manufacturers and others look to simplify and optimize operations,” said Mr. Scott. “Our partnership with Myers-Holum provides an opportunity for both companies to leverage their extensive expertise in the manufacturing space.”

About MFGx

MFGx is a Michigan-based software integration company with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in diagnosing and solving software integration problems for discrete and process manufacturers in multiple industries. MFGx is the developer of the Fuuz Platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that helps companies of all sizes connect the software and hardware they already have with the databases, machines and established processes they need to grow their businesses — without the expense of new enterprise software. Fuuz delivers pre-built industrial SaaS apps and platforms, including aPaaS for rapid application development and iPaaS for IT teams who want to personalize their infrastructure without building it from the ground up. For more, visit

About Myers-Holum, Inc.

Myers-Holum, Inc. is a privately held enterprise systems and data integration consulting firm founded in 1981 in New York, New York. An award-winning leader in NetSuite, Boomi, Stripe and Google Cloud Platform solutions, Myers-Holum helps enterprises streamline operations, financials and business processes. Get in touch to discuss your next project.