Myers-Holum and Zone & Co Partner to Deliver Advanced Financial Operations at Scale

Myers-Holum and Zone & Co partner to deliver the best-in-class enterprise solution for order to cash, lead to revenue, and more inside the #1 cloud ERP ideal for high-growth companies.

NY, NY - Myers-Holum, Inc., award-winning leader in implementing NetSuite solutions, today announced its partnership with Zone & Co, a leading NetSuite development accelerator for financial operations software, to deliver the financial solutions necessary for high-growth companies to scale. Businesses looking for one unified system for all their transactions with real-time, dynamic dashboards that drill down to actual transactions all within their ERP are selecting Zone implemented by Myers-Holum. Finance teams eliminate time-intensive manual processes using the automation made possible by the Zone Apps platform built inside NetSuite for any-way-you-want billing, advanced revenue recognition, third-party payment provider integrations, accounts payable, and more.

“We are excited to be partnering with Myers-Holum. Myer-Holum has won all the accolades from our perspective. They have built the largest, most well received team of ERP consulting experts in the marketplace. We've established a great cadence working with the dedicated Zone team at Myers-Holum."

- Keith Goldschmidt, VP of Strategic Alliances at Zone & Co

“We are excited to be partnering with Myers-Holum. Myer-Holum has won all the accolades from our perspective. They have built the largest, most well received team of ERP consulting experts in the marketplace. We've established a great cadence working with the dedicated Zone team at Myers-Holum. We are helping our customers become established in the cloud and enjoy seeing them grow into huge, global entities often in a matter of months,” said Keith Goldschmidt, VP of Strategic Alliances at Zone & Co. “It’s really incredible to be partnering together to deliver these solutions.”

Today, businesses achieve greater efficiency and full breadth of functionality directly within their ERP using Zone removing obstacles to successfully grow their operations and eliminating the need for manual tasks, spreadsheets, and external third-party tools. As a startup, a large enterprise or new IPO having a unified ERP is essential for handling financials, billing, operations, compliance, and accounts payable.

Zone specializes in providing customers functionality natively within their ERP. For example, ZoneBilling's functionality operates directly from the ERP interface so the need to maintain multiple sets of data, systems, internal resources, and processes is eliminated. Zone applications include:

  • ZoneBilling for borderless billing and revenue. With ZoneBilling, businesses manage everything from simple, fixed recurring subscriptions to complex contracts with multiple billing scenarios, such as usage-based licenses, services fees, inventory, and price tiering.
  • ZonePayments for seamless Stripe payments are all managed within the ERP.
  • ZoneCapture for effortless scan and capture. With ZoneCapture, businesses scan, capture, and manage vendor bills automatically in their ERP leveraging intelligent OCR — matching the invoice to the vendor and purchase order.
  • ZoneApprovals for easily accessible workflow review and approvals within the ERP.
  • Bank reconciliation and credit card import. Zone automatically reconciles bank accounts, reducing hours of manual processing and eliminating errors. Credit card statements are created, and credit card statements reconciled within the ERP.

Zone solutions work seamlessly with revenue management. For example, ZoneBilling allows customers to automatically sync billing and contract data with revenue so forecast and post revenue entries can be deferred in accordance with accounting standards all inside of the ERP. Order-to-revenue processes are automated to save time, spend less, and lower risk across entities and national borders. Zone offers enterprise solutions built within the walls of the ERP eliminating the need to maintain separate platforms, logins and integrations.

“We are extremely pleased about our new partnership with Zone & Co and the enormous potential this represents for our customers to leverage new back-office capabilities starting with billing,” said Stephen Wolff, Managing Partner & Solution Architect at Myers-Holum. “Zone is becoming the back-office solution for companies at any stage that plan to significantly scale their operations in the future. Zone is already proven in the marketplace and is selected by the highest growth customers as well as companies that demonstrate IT and systems maturity. Our goal to deliver the optimal technology solutions to meet our customers’ needs is well aligned with Zone’s to make life easier for finance teams.”

“I agree,” said Sam Burkmon, VP of Brand & Marketing. “Like us, the Myers-Holum team are finance and accounting experts, finance system admins and developers. Myers-Holum has deep industry-specific expertise and successfully implements 100s of ERPs every year. Together, we provide a solution that can be implemented a lot more quickly and comprehensively address many more back-office use cases all within one ERP for our customers.”

About Zone & Co.

Zone & Co's mission is to make life easier for finance teams by accelerating the development of groundbreaking cloud software built on the Oracle NetSuite platform, the #1 cloud ERP/Financials system supporting over 28,000 businesses globally. The company was founded in 2013 by Derek Zanga (CEO) and Errol Fagone (CTO) when they saw the untapped potential of NetSuite to handle advanced financial operations at scale. For more information on Zone & Co and all its products, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Myers-Holum, Inc.

Myers-Holum, Inc. (MHI) is a privately held enterprise systems, data integration and financial infrastructure platform consulting firm founded in 1981, in NY, NY. An award-winning leader in delivering NetSuite, Stripe, Boomi, Zone & Co and Google Cloud Platform solutions, Myers-Holum helps enterprises streamline operations, financials and business processes. Contact Us to discuss your next project and follow us on LinkedIn.

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