NetSuite Alliance Partner of the Year 2023 Myers-Holum

Myers-Holum Awarded Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner of the Year at SuiteWorld 2023

Myers-Holum, a leading technology solutions provider, announces it has been awarded the Alliance Partner of the Year by Oracle NetSuite at the SuiteWorld 2023 Partner Summit.

“This award demonstrates our dedication to helping our customers achieve exceptional growth by leveraging the extensive features and full range of capabilities that NetSuite offers,” said Mark Myers, Co-founder and President of Myers-Holum.

SuiteWorld, NetSuite's flagship annual conference, includes the annual Partner Summit, where the Partner of the Year awards are unveiled. This year, Myers-Holum took center stage as the recipient of the Alliance Partner of the Year award, showcasing the company’s exceptional contributions to the NetSuite ecosystem. As NetSuite celebrates its 25th year in 2023, NetSuite acknowledged the accomplishments of its partners, like Myers-Holum.

"Myers-Holum has consistently exhibited a commitment to excellence and innovation that sets us apart. NetSuite values their partners and their customers as reflected in the Alliance Partner of the Year award and the Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards for which we have won seven with our customers this year,” said Owen Collins, VP of Sales at Myers-Holum.

Earlier this year, Myers-Holum won the 2023 NetSuite Spotlight Awards with its customers for NetSuite Analytics Warehouse as well as for Consumer Goods, Nonprofit, Private Equity, Manufacturing, Retail, and Wholesale Distribution.

Myers-Holum group photo at SuiteWorld Partner Summit
Suite Stanley & Suite Sally with Myers-Holum

"We are honored to have received this award from NetSuite. It is a testament to our success in helping businesses scale, grow, and navigate the challenges of an increasingly dynamic marketplace," said Andrew Tai-Pow, PMP, Professional Services Practice Director at Myers-Holum.

Michael Boivin, VP of Sales & Private Equity at Myers-Holum, also expressed his gratitude for the recognition, saying, "We are immensely proud to be named Alliance Partner of the Year. This award underscores our team’s relentless pursuit of delivering outstanding service to our clients, helping them in their digital transformation journey as they use NetSuite to drive their businesses forward."

Teamwork, dedication, innovation, and leveraging the latest technologies such as NetSuite Analytics Warehouse are the cornerstones of success at Myers-Holum. Stephen Wolff, Managing Partner at Myers-Holum, emphasized this point, stating, "The increasing availability and ease of implementing advanced analytics and BI capabilities is coming at a time when many companies are also experiencing mounting pressure to leverage data-driven decision making to compete and win."

"NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is the easiest way for firms with limited existing BI capabilities to quickly onboard the ability to make data-driven decisions backed by advanced ML, predictive models, and large-scale data sets," Wolff explained. "Myers-Holum predicts that firms who fail to implement BI as part of their core business operations will fall behind their competition, which is why we have invested heavily in expanding our focus on implementing NetSuite Analytics Warehouse."

NetSuite's partner community plays a crucial role in NetSuite’s achievements, encompassing Alliance Partners like Myers-Holum, Solution Providers, SuiteCloud Developer Network members, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partners. Together, partners work closely with NetSuite to extend the reach of its cloud-based solutions and deliver increased value to customers.

As NetSuite continues to lead the way in cloud-based business management solutions, partners like Myers-Holum remain instrumental in ensuring that businesses in North America and worldwide can unlock the full potential of NetSuite.

"Winning NetSuite's Alliance Partner of the Year award for the third consecutive year is a testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise of our exceptional team,” said Scott Lombart, CFO at Myers-Holum. “We are very grateful for this recognition, which highlights our commitment to listening to our clients and crafting tailored solutions that address their distinct business requirements. With our profound understanding of how to harness the power of NetSuite as a transformative tool, we take immense pride in tackling intricate challenges head-on. As we embark on our journey of continued growth, we aspire to keep attracting the ecosystem’s most talented individuals who share our passion for driving business transformation."

About Myers-Holum

Myers-Holum is the leading NetSuite alliance partner, specializing in helping businesses leverage Oracle NetSuite, Google Cloud Platform and Stripe to streamline operations, financials and business processes. With a dedicated team of over 425 consultants and developers having a deep understanding of NetSuite capabilities and industry expertise, Myers-Holum delivers tailored solutions that drive efficiency and growth for our clients. For more information, please visit Myers-Holum.