December 15, 2021

NY, NY – Myers-Holum Inc. (MHI), awarded the Oracle NetSuite Regional Alliance Partner of the Year for North America in October 2021, conducted an MHI exclusive interview with Solo Brands’ Senior NetSuite Development Manager Steven Rahn providing key takeaways from SuiteWorld and the latest on their NetSuite implementation.

Officially listed on the NY Stock Exchange on October 28, 2021, Solo Brands is a team of adventurous lifestyle brands acquired by Solo Stove (easy-to-use fire pits and camp stoves) that include Chubbies Shorts (men’s clothes for the weekend), Oru Kayak (folding kayaks) and Isle (paddleboards for yoga, fishing, touring and surfing). The Solo Brands NYSE ticker, #DTC, stands for “Direct To Consumer” honoring the community that made Solo Brands so successful.

Was SuiteWorld all that you expected this year, and what were your greatest takeaways?

“It was great to get back to SuiteWorld this year. Oracle NetSuite always puts on an impressive production, and this year was no exception,” said Steven Rahn. “For us, the biggest takeaway was the investment that NetSuite is making in NSAW – the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse to deliver new business intelligence capabilities. That really resonated with me, and I’ve been going to SuiteWorld for over four years now.”

What first led Solo Brands to select NetSuite over other platforms?

“We chose NetSuite because of (1) the true cloud nature of the platform, (2) the robust ecosystem and (3) the continuous addition of new features with community input driving those feature requests. Those are our favorite things about NetSuite,” Steven explained. “It’s interesting to me when I see a new NetSuite functionality that gets added; in a couple years, it always becomes industry leading, best-in-class functionality.”

What role has Myers-Holum played in your NetSuite implementation?

Myers-Holum was extremely helpful with our implementation process—the functional expertise that MHI brought to the team was impressive. They always knew exactly where that hidden feature was, that hidden checkbox, that was blocking what we needed to do,” said Steven. “Whatever thing we were trying to make work could always be explained in detail by Senior Consultant Taylor Godine and the MHI team. They know what each piece of the tool does and how it works. Having that level of expertise really got us through a couple of tight spots, and we are very appreciative of that.”

For others considering implementing a modern ERP system, what would you say the before and after NetSuite implementation looks like for Solo Brands?

“Our ability to become SOX compliant was absolutely dependent on having a modern ERP system in place. I look to the robust community support and products that are offered within the NetSuite ecosystem, and I’m now very confident about taking on any compliance challenge,” said Steve.

About Myers-Holum Inc. (MHI)

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About Solo Brands

Solo Brands is a collection of distinctive, adventurous lifestyle brands built around enhancing and creating experiences that form memories and connection to people, places and the natural world. Solo Brands seeks to empower each of its unique and beloved brands with best-in-class direct-to-consumer expertise and technology, while enhancing the customer experience and giving back to the communities that each brand serves. For more information about Solo Brands, visit