Toys for Trucks Drives Success with NetSuite: A Journey of Transformation

Toys for Trucks Recognized by NetSuite as Winter 2024 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner. 

We are excited to announce that Oracle NetSuite has honored Myers-Holum, Inc. as a Winter 2024 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner for our outstanding achievements in implementing NetSuite in the category of Automotive. The award recognizes our work with Toys for Trucks in leveraging NetSuite to address complex challenges and drive remarkable business growth.

NetSuite's Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards celebrate partners who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in implementing NetSuite solutions and delivering unparalleled value to their clients. Toys for Trucks' success story showcases the transformative power of NetSuite in the automotive industry.

About Toys For Trucks

Founded in 2003, Toys for Trucks is a renowned retailer specializing in auto, truck, and SUV accessories. With a wide range of products catering to various vehicle models, Toys for Trucks has carved a niche for itself in the market. As a member of the AAM buying group, Toys for Trucks operates with a customer-centric approach, striving to offer the best-in-class products and services to its clientele.

Challenges Faced

Before embracing NetSuite, Toys for Trucks encountered significant hurdles in managing their operations efficiently. Crissy Lisowski, Operations Manager at Toys for Trucks, recalls, "Visibility and continuity across the entire company were big issues. We had no POS prior to NetSuite, and our inventory/accounting were housed in completely different programs that created a lot of issues." The absence of a unified system led to challenges in inventory management, vendor coordination, pricing complexities, and order fulfillment.

The Solution

Toys for Trucks sought a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and enhance business performance. After evaluating several options, including SellerCloud and SalesForce, they opted for NetSuite due to its unparalleled flexibility, customization capabilities, and scalability to support their growth trajectory.

Customer Benefits and Success

The implementation of NetSuite brought about a significant transformation in Toys for Trucks' operations. The integration of financial and operational data within the ERP system enabled more informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency. With improved visibility and streamlined order processing, Toys for Trucks experienced enhanced demand forecasting accuracy, better inventory management, and reduced stockouts.

“It was an incredible experience partnering with Toys for Trucks through this digital transformation. The project posed unique challenges and business requirements, including designing complex integrations critical to business operations. Collaborating with Crissy and the Toys for Trucks team throughout the process was a pleasure and we look forward to continuing to support them with their future growth.” - Karim Hussamy, Principal Consultant, Myers-Holum, Inc.

Looking Ahead

As Toys for Trucks continues its journey of growth and expansion, they have ambitious plans lined up. These include initiatives such as Pricing Customization, Pace Integration for Wholesale business, and automating order processing to further optimize efficiency and drive business outcomes.

Customer Testimonial

Reflecting on their journey with NetSuite, Crissy Lisowski remarked, "Implementing NetSuite was not just an upgrade, but a strategic investment in efficiency, innovation, and organizational growth. The consultants at MHI were instrumental in the successful implementation of our new system, offering tailored solutions, change management support, and empowering our team."

Toys for Trucks' success story exemplifies the transformative impact of NetSuite in empowering businesses to overcome challenges, drive growth, and achieve operational excellence. As a Winter 2024 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner, Toys for Trucks sets a benchmark for excellence in leveraging NetSuite to fuel business success.

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