MHI Implementation Services Overview

Myers-Holum has successfully delivered more than 100 data integration projects to a variety of companies, including over fifty of the Fortune 500. Virtually all of our client work can be referenced, and our capabilities derive from focused specialization in the data integration marketplace. Our general capabilities are:

Enterprise Information Strategy Assessment

We are often brought into situations where clients require specialized knowledge to review, validate and complete roadmaps, architectures and data models.

Data Governance Assessment

We help clients evaluate their Data Governance needs. A typical assessment will facilitate stakeholder interviews to document master data challenges and pain-points and to identify tactical and strategic opportunities; assess the client’s current Data Governance state against a relevant maturity model; and propose a Data Governance Program Model including organizational structure, reporting, roles and responsibilities, processes, and metrics.

Master Data Management (MDM) Implementation

We have implemented numerous MDM solutions across various vertical industries using best-of-breed commerical MDM Hub products, including analytical and operational hubs, large-scale hubs, batch and real-time integrations models, and custom and out-of-the-box Data Stewardship GUIs.

Full Life Cycle Data Integration

We have extensive expertise and experience designing, building, testing and deploying terabyte-class data solutions.

Data Warehouse Performance Optimization

From our earliest days we have specialized in the design of high-performance data solutions.

Training and Education

We offer large-scale training in ETL / BI toolsets and concepts.


MHI supports these capabilities by bringing additional competencies in the following areas:

Data Integration Toolset Experience: MHI has thorough knowledge of all major third-party vendor tools used to build enterprise data warehouses.

Industry Knowledge: We have a strong team of industry specialists who understand the key subject areas and processes in multiple industries.

Data Warehouse Implementation Techniques: We have an end-to-end project methodology targeted exclusively at assessing, planning, designing, and implementing large-scale, high-performance data solutions.

Given our background, MHI is capable of staffing resources with the various technical skills required to give a high degree of assurance that implementation dates will be met and the critical success factors addressed.