Master Data Management

What is Master Data Management? Why is it important?

Master Data Management (MDM) has rapidly become recognized as an essential component of an overall business information management strategy, providing:

  • A consistent, accurate “System of Record” for an organization’s master data
  • A single, consistent, enterprise view of core business entities
  • Binding with a variety of business applications and providing the integration services (i.e. ETL, EAI, EII) to acquire, transform and deliver master data in real time throughout the enterprise
  • Relevant business processes, application software, and technical integration infrastructure required to create and maintain accurate, up-to-date and consistent views of core business entities across disparate systems in the enterprise

Issues Resulting from Ineffective MDM

Symptoms of an ineffective MDM strategy include:

  • Lack of definition / control over comprehensive Master Information and Business Processes
  • Excessive Data Errors / Lack of Data Quality
  • Lost Productivity
  • Slow Time to Market
  • Lost Sales

How Can Myers-Holum Help?

Myers-Holum can assist you in developing your MDM strategy, and lead MDM project implementations.

  • Requirements Gathering and Product Selection
  • Data Model Design
  • Data Source to Target Mappings
  • Match Rules Definition and Tuning
  • Trust/Survivorship Framework Design and Configuration
  • Commercial MDM Hub Product Installation and Configuration
  • Data Stewardship GUI Configuration
  • Real-time Integration Architecture, Design and Implementation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Go-live Data Loading
  • End-User Education