Data Integration Solutions

Why Do Data Integration Architectures Fail to Perform?

After making a considerable investment in a large-scale data integration solution, it is a considerable disappointment to find that the system can’t perform adequately to provide the insights that justified its creation. Based upon our experience, we believe one of the key issues underlying performance problems is insufficient design and planning, especially in regard to the technical architecture’s planned service delivery levels. With this in mind, Myers-Holum has developed a Performance and Tuning Assessment offering to address this need. We typically provide this service as a courtesy to our customers (i.e. we charge a nominal fee), providing an opportunity for us to demonstrate our unique technical expertise and capabilities.

Our Approach to the Problem

Our typical approach follows that of our Assessment, Strategy & Planning offering, with preparation, discovery, analysis and synthesis phases. We focus first on aspects of the system and data architectures that are potential weak links in inadequate designs. We work with clients on a case-by-case basis to iteratively identify and resolve issues, beginning with the most significant bottleneck at each stage. We provide deliverables outlining remedial activities and/or projects as needed to resolve the performance and tuning bottlenecks.

Free Offer to Qualified Clients

We have so much confidence in our broad-based technical abilities that we have a standing offer to qualified larger companies. We will provide highly-skilled resources on a short-term, gratis basis to assist customers having large-scale performance problems. For example, we recently did this at a very large credit institution. At the time they were considering replacing their data integration technology. After we spent two days on-site, we rectified the problems and they are currently well-satisfied with their current technology.