Embracing cloud ERP can be difficult for businesses. Usually this requires customization to integrate with existing systems across the enterprise. Businesses want to be certain that they can reduce implementation risks in their cloud ERP adoption. Myers-Holum Inc. (MHI) partners with Oracle NetSuite to facilitate cloud ERP implementations due to NetSuite’s ranking as the top ERP available to growing businesses. As an experienced consulting firm—implementing technology solutions over the past 40 years—we have found that this platform creates the best outcomes for our clients.

So, why is NetSuite the #1 Cloud ERP?

The NS platform provides free, consistent upgrades, true cloud accessibility and real-time analytics, all out-of-the-box. It also offers a single source of truth for your data that is flexible in terms of growth, integration and automation.

1. Always Current With Free Bi-Yearly Upgrades

NetSuite automatically upgrades your environment with two major releases per year. These go beyond the small bug fixes that are released on an ongoing basis. These optimizations include key new features like Sales Channel Supply Allocations or Centralized Purchasing & Billing for multi-subsidiary organizations. A Release Preview environment allows you to test new features on a copy of your NetSuite instance containing your real data. This helps ensure a seamless transition and continual growth, all at no additional cost.

2. Accessible Anywhere At All Times

Founded in 1998 (the same year as Google), NetSuite was the first ERP born in the cloud. Legacy ERPs struggled to catch up by converting on-premise hardware and software to cloud architecture. This forced users to be onsite or use error-prone archaic systems to access their own data. Meanwhile, NetSuite used their expertise, backed by Oracle database architecture, to give their users access to their own data anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With a 99.97% uptime, bank-level encryption and secure servers in key locations globally, there is no better organization to trust with your most precious and critical information.

3. Real-Time Reporting & Business Intelligence

Everything that is input into NetSuite is immediately available in the hundreds of pre-built reports provided by the platform. It also allows for any custom reports created by the implementation partner or end-user. It is easy to personalize dashboards to display all the information needed to make quick decisions that are impactful to the business. Whether you want to see how many units of your bestselling SKU are available to ship right now, or whether you want to know how one of your stores is performing today versus the same day last year, NetSuite puts this information front and center, at your fingertips.

4. Layered Solutions to Meet Your Growing Needs

The “Stairway to Success” ensures that you get what you need from NetSuite when you need it. When your business transformation brings you on to the platform, you can start with one solution to replace multiple separate systems such as core financials functionality and native inventory management. As your business grows, and you make acquisitions, buy your own warehouse, or open new sales channels, with NS you can add in international multi-subsidiary support, automated intercompany management, native WMS as well as omnichannel POS and e-commerce.

5. Easily Integrate & Automate

Many businesses struggle with redundant and tedious manual processes, fueled by system architecture that is splintered and disconnected. With NetSuite as your single source of truth, it’s simple to add pre-built workflows like the 3-Way Match Bill Approval, or create custom ones like a workflow to automatically email weekly statements to wholesale customers. And with the power of the SuiteTalk API, it’s easy to automate order entry, ASNs, and invoicing with EDI, as well as integrate with any other systems. Plus, you can integrate your Shopify, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms with a native connection.

Get In Touch!

More than 26,000 customers are currently leveraging Oracle NetSuite, and you can join them if you decide to implement the platform. Using a NetSuite Alliance Partner is the preferred way to ensure a seamless implementation experience, as well as avoid and control risk. MHI offers white glove service with a staff of over 200 consultants ready to guide you through the process. Contact us to see if we can help you in your next big project to implement cloud ERP and join the movement that is transforming the way we conduct business for the better.