How to Ensure the Finance Team Thrives After a Merger & Acquisition

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In any merger and acquisition (M&A), CFOs and their finance teams play a critical role in ensuring business success in the immediate transition and post-transition. However, M&As are complex and bring a host of new challenges as well as new stakeholders.

Successfully meeting these challenges and shifting expectations impact the finance team directly and can impact the CFO’s own tenure. Managing perceptions internally and externally as well as adding real value to the process are big challenges that the finance team is uniquely equipped to facilitate – given the right direction and tools.

Join Myers-Holum, Inc. Managing Partner and Director Stephen Wolff as he discusses best practices for CFOs and their teams based on what MHI has seen working with leading companies after an M&A.

Key Takeaways

After this webinar, you will gain some key take-aways in order to:
  • Identify ways the finance team can provide additional value enterprise-wide and increase business agility.
  • Apply best practices for helping your team embrace change that is necessary after an M&A.
  • Employ key tips for getting the most from your data to take advantage of the next generation of technology.
  • Consider insights and guidance when planning for your next digital transformation project.

How to Ensure the Finance Team Thrives After an M&A


Presenter: Stephen Wolff, Managing Partner, Director Myers-Holum, Inc.

Stephen Wolff

Host: Sue Khawaja, Business Development Manager, IMA

IMA - S. Khawaja


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SuiteWorld with MHI - NSAW demo