PARTNER SUMMIT: NetSuite Awards Myers-Holum Regional Alliance Partner of the Year - North America

NetSuite Awards MHI Alliance Partner of the Year - North America | Blog Article

Oracle NetSuite has just held the Partner Summit at SuiteWorld 2021 located at the new Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, which brings together the NetSuite community to share their entrepreneurship, innovation and strategies for powering growth across industries. At the summit, Oracle NetSuite announced this year’s winners where NetSuite awarded Myers-Holum the Regional Alliance Partner of the Year for North America. Oracle NetSuite honors the partner community who have been important to NetSuite's success. Myers-Holum has played an important role in providing the right team and resources to ensure successful NetSuite implementations for their clients - enhancing the NetSuite community.

Mark Myers, CEO and Founder of MHI, reflected on what this award means to partners in the Oracle NetSuite ecosystem, "We've been working with NetSuite for the last ten years, and it's terrific to see how Oracle NetSuite continues to honor its partners. 2021 has been a year of tremendous growth and innovation for us. As we move into 2022, we are particularly excited about NSAW and what that means for the future of business analytics."

For the first time in two years, the NetSuite community has been reunited for the 10th SuiteWorld event. SuiteWorld provides four days of networking, strategic, tactical and inspirational content for organizations of every size and industry. The theme for SuiteWorld 2021 is according to NetSuite SuiteWorld that, “we’re summoning all our superpowers to bring you a reimagined SuiteWorld. From relocating to the brand-new Caesars Forum in Las Vegas to up-leveling the digital experience, we’ve designed this year’s SuiteWorld to bring the NetSuite community together and learn how to power growth.”

See below for reactions by the MHI team who were at the SuiteWorld Partner Summit when the award was first announced.

immediate reactions from a few of the Myers-Holum Team at SuiteWorld 2021 Partner Summit

Andrew - 2021 SuiteWorld Partner Summit
Andrew Tai-Pow, Practice Director, Professional Services at Myers-Holum

"I joined the firm when we were less than 10 individuals, wanting to work with the sharpest minds and an aggressively fast-moving organization. We have truly the best NetSuite consulting staff in the ecosystem, which has fueled our growth. We have reached this milestone by delivering high-quality work, reacting with agility to challenge and forging long-standing relationships with our customers and business partners. We are incredibly excited to see what the future holds for us as a practice and to build on our momentum."

Jamie - 2021 SuiteWorld Partner Summit
Jamie Setterbo, Delivery Manager, Professional Services at Myers-Holum

"I felt an immediate sense of pride when NetSuite made the announcement. I am always amazed and proud to work with the talented and hardworking individuals here at MHI, and to see it translated into that sort of acknowledgment is very gratifying. I am so appreciative to be a part of the amazing growth MHI continues to have year-over-year and to share in this with the MHI team."

Jordan - 2021 SuiteWorld Partner Summit
Jordan Sellers, Delivery Manager, Professional Services at Myers-Holum

“We are all so proud of this award. It is a testament to the team’s collective efforts not only to implement NetSuite in complex environments, but truly deliver value to both our clients and our partners at Oracle. Thanks to everyone at MHI who contributed to this achievement, and thanks to the NetSuite team for this glowing recognition."

Antonio at SuiteWorld
Antonio Posella, Delivery Manager, Professional Services at Myers-Holum

“The award is a true testament to the strength of MHI’s entire team. The MHI team was sitting together at the summit, and we all immediately started giving high fives when it was announced. I could tell right away that everyone felt an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement, not just for ourselves but for everyone at MHI. I’ve been to SuiteWorld several times, and this is truly the most memorable. Thanks to our partner, NetSuite, for their never-ending dedication to growing the partner ecosystem and giving consistent recognition.”

Michael - SuiteWorld 2021
Michael Boivin, Director of Sales at Myers-Holum

"Incredibly proud to be part of an organization that is so mission-driven. This award demonstrates the value MHI brings to the NetSuite ecosystem and the high level our team performs at every day. NetSuite is an amazing company that truly values its partners, and we could not be more honored."

Cam - SuiteWorld 2021
Cam Wood, Regional Sales Manager at Myers-Holum

"I’m extremely grateful be a part of our business development organization and know that our clients are in great hands throughout the entirety of their NetSuite lifetime. This award is a true testament of our leadership’s strategic vision and our consultants' hard work, and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for our team."

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get to know a few of the MHI Team

“Myers-Holum is making a name for itself. It is the top partner in the NetSuite Alliance. We have people who can really serve their customers well. Our technology solutions leverage MHI’s wealth of knowledge. Everyone here really knows what they are doing and are open to collaborating. We excel at each project because we leverage our learnings from previous customers.” - Misty Fitzgerald, MHI Delivery Manager. Read more.

“I was looking for when I came to Myers-Holum was career growth, an atmosphere where only top talent survives, and everybody pulls their own weight. I joined for the camaraderie, compensation and opportunity to advance. I got all three and the project variety I need to stay engaged as well as the satisfaction to see our company grow. What I love most about Myers-Holum is that I have finally found a firm that grows as fast as I do.” – Marc Bastnagel, Practice Manager at Myers-Holum. Read more.

“I was really interested in consulting because of the exposure to different industries and different companies, but I have plenty of friends who feel stuck in their consulting roles. Myers-Holum is different. MHI offers the opportunity for quick growth and promotion. Since we help companies improve their business function using the best technology, you get to keep up with the latest technology advancements.” - Karim Hussamy, Consultant at Myers-Holum. Read more.

“Myers-Holum offers our consultants many benefits our competitors and the Big Four firms do not. The ability to showcase their work, have visibility into complex engagements without the red tape, and have a lot of influence with management and clients alike. This affords opportunities for deserving incentive compensation and upward mobility.” – Ashley Swanson, Director of Global Talent at MHI. Read more.

Michael, Special Forces, Career Series

"When I was introduced to Myers-Holum (MHI) through The Honor Foundation (THF), a nonprofit group that helps the US Special Operations community transition from the military into the private sector, I saw an opportunity to grow with the firm, contribute to its success and continue to work with like-minded individuals who were mission-driven." -Michael Boivin, MHI Director of Sales. Learn more.

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