NetSuite Spotlight Winner for Consumer Goods: Wyze

"Moving to NetSuite and working with Myers-Holum has allowed us to streamline some of our business processes and accomplish new workflows, resulting in higher automation and greater efficiency."

— CiCi Liang, Senior Accounting Manager at Wyze

NetSuite Recognizes Wyze and Myers-Holum for the 2023 Winter Spotlight Award in Consumer Goods

Wyze and Myers-Holum have received the 2023 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award for Consumer Goods from Oracle NetSuite. This award is a testament to their exceptional work in implementing and customizing NetSuite. Also, Wyze and Myers-Holum are also highlighted in Oracle NetSuite's article, "NetSuite’s Alliance Partners: Spotlight On Customer Success."

The Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards celebrate customers and partners who have demonstrated a strong commitment to implementing NetSuite by developing outstanding expertise, customizations, and intellectual property in specific microverticals.

Wyze, a leading smart home technology company, has continued to grow and innovate since its inception in 2017. The company has raised a total of $155 million through four rounds of outside funding, showcasing its potential in the consumer goods market. With their commitment to excellence and innovation, Wyze and Myers-Holum have leveraged NetSuite's features and integrations to drive business growth and optimize their processes. This award recognizes their dedication to achieving operational excellence and delivering exceptional customer value.

New Functionality & Unified System

Initially using QuickBooks, the company realized that its existing system had limited functionality and lacked a unified view across all business systems. Wyze partnered with Myers-Holum to implement NetSuite's record-to-report, design-to-build, order-to-cash, and procure-to-pay modules, which would enable a comprehensive view across all its business systems.

The implementation involved several integrations, including SPS Commerce, WesternPost, Amazon Vendor Central, Snowflake, and Wyze's own vendor portal, which were successfully connected to NetSuite. The project was completed on time with no issues resulting in several benefits for Wyze:

  • Streamlined processes. Working with Myers-Holum, Wyze has implemented new workflows that have eliminated manual activities and QA reconciliation tasks, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced errors.

  • Improved tracking and visibility. Wyze has a comprehensive view of its business operations, enabling greater control and oversight over processes.

  • Enhanced analytics and reporting. NetSuite's analytics and reporting capabilities have allowed Wyze to generate insights into its business performance, enabling data-driven decision-making and better overall management.

  • Increased scalability and expansion potential. The successful implementation of NetSuite has laid a solid foundation for Wyze to further scale its business operations and expand into new markets.

"Moving to NetSuite and working with Myers-Holum has allowed us to streamline some of our business processes and accomplish new workflows, resulting in higher automation and greater efficiency. With NetSuite's unified system, we have gained even better visibility across our business operations. We have a flexible, scalable platform that supports our rapid growth now and into the future," said CiCi Liang, Senior Accounting Manager at Wyze.

Going forward, Wyze plans to expand NetSuite to its international subsidiaries and potentially add an integration point for the Western Post digital inventory management system.