Prior to NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, high-growth companies had to stitch together their data warehouse, ERP and analytics tools often requiring manual processes to gain visibility into their operations. Relying on loosely integrated, discrete systems creates constant challenges to rapidly growing businesses looking to further accelerate their growth.

At Myers-Holum, we often work with businesses that face multiple challenges with existing infrastructure, such as managing data outside NetSuite in spreadsheets or in separate legacy systems and lacking the capability to analyze all their company data in one system. This makes it almost impossible to run historical point-in-time comparative analyses, build comprehensive analytics or provide meaningful data visualizations.

With NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, businesses benefit from a fully integrated system: cloud data warehouse and an enterprise-class BI/analytics tool in one, built for NetSuite ERP.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Leveraging a Unified System (ERP, Data Warehouse, BI tool)

Incorporating external BI tools has always required IT time and resources to implement and maintain. With NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, Myers-Holum customers have a single source of truth with reduced complexity and risk because NSAW is designed to work seamlessly with NetSuite ERP.

With NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, companies use a pre-built NetSuite data pipeline to immediately start analyzing their data using prebuilt reports and dashboards. Myers-Holum has further augmented these KPIs in developing key metrics such as meaningful SaaS metrics for Software as a Service companies.

Robust Data Warehouse with Analytics

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is a bundling with Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), a NetSuite Data Pipeline, SuiteAnalytics Connect, and pre-built analytic content in the form of multi-visualization dashboards and detailed transactional reports.

Built on Oracle’s existing ADW, NSAW benefits from ADW’s self-management (no DBA skills required), scalability and machine learning, which enables data science modeling for forecasting – highly rated by top industry analysts. OAC offers one version of truth with its unified semantic layer for data pulled from NetSuite and other data sources.

Third-party System Integration & Data Migration

For customers looking to implement NSAW as their go-to data warehouse and analytics tool, Myers-Holum often integrates historical data, billing, subscription, marketing and website analytics so that companies gain a comprehensive view of their business across time. A bird’s eye view from a dashboard allows for simple drilldown to understand the underlying transactional details.

Why NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Implemented by Myers-Holum

For our customers who are looking to grow rapidly based on dependable metrics and KPIs, we’ve found NSAW to be the preferred solution. They gain the ability to track and analyze NetSuite and other data together, do advanced forecasting leveraging ML, and easily create data visualizations and custom reports that meet the needs of executives and key stakeholders. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is a game-changer for business growth.

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