Why Retail Innovator Orva Selected Oracle NetSuite ERP and Myers-Holum

The retail landscape is always changing. Orva has remained adept at adapting and exceling in the dynamic retail market while remaining a family-owned business ever since its founding 75 years ago as a brick-and-mortar company.

“Orva is owned and operated by the same family—now in their third generation—who are pro-active and forward thinking,” said Zach Friedland, the Orva Chief Operating Officer. “Orva brick-and mortar-stores have deep-rooted relationships with top-tier footwear manufacturers. Very early on Orva introduced the Amazon platform and Amazon marketplace to them. Fast forward to 2016 when we expanded into apparel and accessories. By 2019, we expanded into home goods leveraging that Amazon IQ gained over the years.”

Today, Orva is focused predominantly on footwear with about 20% split between apparel accessories and home goods. Orva is primarily in the Amazon marketplace, but also in Walmart and moving into other marketplaces as well. Orva’s rapid growth is what led them to consider the #1 cloud ERP so that they can continue to expand as they move forward.

“Our existing technology has served us well, but we were looking to integrate with our marketplace partners and automate processes with our vendors,” said Lee Cappiello, Director of Information Technology. “We needed something that's cloud-based, a technology leader and really something that we can integrate with all of our business partners so that we have real-time, up-to-date information in our systems."

Having selected NetSuite, Orva also wanted professional services and considered multiple partners.

“We looked at a few NetSuite partners as part of our due diligence so we really did our homework on who we thought would be the best fit for us,” Lee explained. “Myers-Holum really came out on top for us for a couple of reasons. They came recommended, but we also discussed it with some trusted advisors internally and within our private equity group to get feedback about Myers-Holum’s reputation, which was very good. So, we felt comfortable choosing Myers-Holum.

“Growing from a single New York City store in 1948, Orva has evolved to become an ecommerce platform specializing in the sale of footwear, apparel, accessories, and home products from leading consumer brands through direct-to-consumer channels, including Amazon and Walmart.com. The company chose Oracle NetSuite for their ERP because of NetSuite’s apparel and footwear expertise and capabilities, combined with the ability to easily integrate with various ecommerce channels, brand partners, and third-party logistics providers.” - Customer highlights from Q2 FY22 earnings – Oracle Cloud Applications

Orva established in 1948

Myers-Holum understood not just the technical aspects of the project, but the change management, training, and User Acceptance Testing components of the project, according to Lee.

“We view this not just as technology project, but a change management, transformational project because it will do a lot of great things for our business,” Lee said. “This is about how we can grow for the future with the right technology in place. We really saw more from Myers-Holum than we did from any of the others – that combination of the technical as well as the change management aspects of the project.”

In 2022, Orva is a high-growth e-tailer connecting consumers to their most-loved brands on Amazon and across other major channels. To help with growth, the NetSuite ERP offers a more seamless, automated, and streamlined set of processes with increased visibility through and through for the entire organization. In addition, Myers-Holum is excited to be implementing NetSuite for Orva, providing the best cloud solution for this next phase of exponential growth.

“Myers-Holum really understood what we were looking for, and it wasn't cookie cutter. What we do, our business model and the scale of our business model on Amazon and other platforms are unique,” Zach explained. “There are not a lot of other ERPs like NetSuite or solution providers like Myers-Holum that have done projects like this. Having Myers-Holum dig into our processes and really understand our challenges was important. That really stood out to us.”

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