Aristocrat/VGT, Franklin, Tennessee,, is a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of Class II casino games in North America. Aristocrat handles an exorbitant amount of data and had an existing 5-year-old Hadoop Big Data platform that was unable to scale to their 10s of TBs of data volumes. They experienced functional requirement changes, had concerns around stability, high availability, and uptime, and maintained only a single environment with no separation for their dev, test, and prod environments. Furthermore, there were serious capacity concerns that required a separate Vertica-based BI layer which meant increased costs, maintenance, and more data pipelines to manage.

Myers-Holum, Inc (MHI) engaged with Aristocrat to provide expertise on their migration to Google BigQuery. We leveraged a Data Transfer Appliance to move their 10s of TB of data off Hadoop and to Google BigQuery and rebuilt the existing data processing pipelines using Google Cloud Composer and BigQuery SQL capabilities. MHI also completed the data modeling and best practices for Data Warehousing on BigQuery. Finally, we enabled analytics using Tableau.

The results of this initiative were more precise and faster data insights which left Aristocrat positioned and enabled for future data growth.

“We successfully addressed serious capacity concerns that previously required a separate Hadoop and Vertica instances with a single unified GCP Data Management platform which reduced costs, reduced complexity, and increased capacity to onboard new data sources” – Rick Watts, Sr. Architect