What Makes Myers-Holum Unique | Part 1 of 2

Exploring new career opportunities, whether you are just starting out or experienced, can be daunting and emotional. Any candidate considering Myers-Holum is paired with a Talent Acquisition Partner or Manager to guide them through the interview process by providing thoughtful information on the inner workings of our firm, as well as detailed feedback after each touchpoint. Let us help you turn your career search into an enjoyable and valuable experience! We are excited to give those who are unfamiliar, a special look into how we operate and how we attract and retain top talent.

Insight #1: Quarterly Bonus Model

Quarterly Bonus Model for Myers-Holum Employees

Insight #2: Enablement & Resourcing

Insight #2 is focused on our Enablement and Resourcing. Did you know we have enablement programs based on where you are at in your career? Recent graduate, mid-level or even experienced within a different ERP? We've got you covered. What about allocation? Our Resourcing Manager will ensure you are forecasted and staffed appropriately on projects based on your skillsets, and that you are not over-utilized to avoid consulting burnout so common in the industry. It's all about balance, and we've got the right methods in place to break this stigma.

Enablement & Resourcing at Myers-Holum

Insight #3: Growth Over the Years

In the last 2.5 years, we have carved out over ten new positions internally. From support positions such as Human Resources, Enablement and Resource Managers to our Delivery Organization where we have added layers of Practice Management and positions such as Vertical Lead, Team Lead and Sr. Project Manager. We formalized our Solution Architecture organization in 2019 and our Project Management and Managed Services arms in 2020. Why? Because subject matter expertise is how you keep a well-built machine operating seamlessly. We're listening to our surroundings and putting ideas to work. The last thing we want employees to feel is that they have "hit a wall". Instead, we want everyone to have a direct and tenured path to their professional goals, which does not require moving out of Myers-Holum. Growth in the form of new hires is critical however retention is just as important.

Growth over the Years at Myers-Holum

Next Up

Check out Part 2 of 2 in our Career Series: What Makes Myers-Holum Unique where we share more insightful facts about Myers-Holum. To find out about our current career positions, check out Myers-Holum Careers and send us an email with your resume attached to Myers-Holum Recruiting.