What Makes Myers-Holum Unique | Part 2 of 2

In the first part of our Career Series, What Makes Myers-Holum Unique, we explored three insights into why Myers-Holum is a place that both highly experienced and rising top new talent select over other opportunities: Insight #1 the Myers-Holum Quarterly Bonus Model; Insight #2 Enablement and Resourcing programs that allow our consultants to be matched with the right projects based on their skillset and background; and Insight #3 Company Growth not just for the firm, but for our employees with some who have experienced their 1st, 2nd and 3rd promotions with the firm.

Any candidate considering Myers-Holum is paired with a Talent Acquisition Partner or Manager to guide them through the interview process by providing thoughtful information on the inner workings of our firm, as well as detailed feedback after each touchpoint. Let us help you turn your career search into an enjoyable and valuable experience! We are excited to give those who are unfamiliar, a special look into how we operate and how we attract and retain top talent so let's discuss a few more insights.

Insight #4: Award-Winning Consulting Firm

Myers-Holum is an award-winning consulting firm and the largest NetSuite Alliance Partner, globally. “We are only as strong as our consultants,” and our awards back that statement. Year-over-year our team continues to hit major milestones and bring home the recognition based on the hard work of our entire team.

Award-winning consulting firm - insight

Insight #5: Flourishing Culture in a Remote Environment

The next topic is focused on our culture in a remote environment. We recently completed our Quarterly Town Hall where over 300 of Myers-Holum's employees gathered to celebrate our achievements, and discuss results, future goals, and new initiatives. It's amazing what you can accomplish using technology to bridge the gap of a remote workforce. It was fun, it was energetic and it was productive.

Flourishing Culture in a Remote Environment - Insight 5

Insight #6: Mentorship Program with Extraordinary Results

For our sixth insight, we leave you with an inside look into our mentorship program. This value-added approach allows for additional support outside of a Consultant’s direct manager and team -- consulting each other as we do with our clients with extraordinary results.

Mentorship Program

Next Up

Join us on LinkedIn for the latest news, and stay tuned as we sit down with Myers-Holum team members to uncover more about their careers, their perspectives on the Myers-Holum culture and what it takes to become a top consultant and leader in the industry. To find out about our current career positions, check out Myers-Holum Careers and send us an email with your resume attached to Myers-Holum Recruiting.